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The Missing Professor - by Haadiyah


This is a wonderful, creative interpretation of the image that we looked at in class, Haadiyah. Thank you so much for sharing. I wanted to keep your original font in your document (because the font has been chosen to show that it was old), so there is a picture of your work (a little blurry), but also a pasted copy of the words below this so it can be read clearly!


You have used SO many writing techniques that we have learnt over the past months, and I can spot a 'yet' coordinating conjunction! You have used a great structure in paragraphs (with carefully chosen punctuation) and across paragraphs, a variety of openers and sentence types and also a good choice of language. 


Let's read!


The Missing Professor

I looked around the interesting, yet slightly dim room. I took in the scene. My eyes travelled over the still lit candles, the open window and the carpet -the dark purple carpet, which was not laid straight but looked strangely ruffled, as though a struggle had  taken  place there. Questions flooded my brain. What happened to the professor? Why didn’t anyone know that he was in his study? Did someone know, but was afraid to tell? And why…? I frowned to stop the questions. I walked around the room. There was something red sprayed over a shield in the corner. Something that looked horribly like - blood. I gave it a look of disgust and turned away, noting it on my notebook as I did so. Many people thought the professor ran away because of something. Even the inspector did. I disagreed with them. I was going to solve this mystery.

I went over to the bookshelf and breathed. I loved reading. It always helped me think. Without further ado, I opened a page at random from the book titled: Good Braines.

“Among the greatest chemists ever, is Williams Jack, mind master of Chemistry. He is an evil mind master, whose only dream is power. He used chemistry as a way of seeking power. None are better than him, except for Charles Thompson, currently age 45. However, there is a small problem: Charles seems to have vanished from the face of earth, and has not left a single clue to his whereabouts.  

 This was puzzling. Although it didn’t give me any extra information about the whereabouts of the professor, it helped me think.  I rushed to his desk and picked up the parchment on it and read it. It was handwritten in what I recognised (for I just finished studying here myself), in the neat handwriting of Professor Calresh. It wasn’t very long.

“He is after me. I am the only one better than him. He is going to make me do his bidding. I, who is the best Chemist in the world. Good Braines is wrong. I have not disappeared. I can stop him. And I will try.”

Who was the best Chemist? Professor Calresh, or Charles? I added it to my notes:

 “Two people cannot be the best. Calresh or Charles?”

 And then, things began to click into place. Calresh and Charles were the best! I sat down on the floor. I rearranged the name ‘Charles’ and it spelt... ‘Calresh’! They were the same person!

 Williams Jack tried to kidnap Charles, because Charles was the only one who knew what Williams was planning, the only one who knew how to stop him and the only one who could help Williams in his plan! I looked at the ruffled carpet. Many thought the Professor ran away. But he wasn’t. He was kidnaped. And it was a clever, very clever kidnap.