I'm Anna

Thanks for stopping by! Having been a classroom teacher for 16 years and tutor for over ten years, I love seeing my students make progress.

And progress is what I celebrate because it's what leads to results.

Many people think that nothing beats 1:1 learning and for some students, that's what they need.

But for most, a group format is more effective.

This is because they:

  • benefit from learning from each other
  • can achieve high outcomes without feeling pressured
  • develop excellent communication and presentation skills

My approach

To ensure that all of this great learning happens and students are supported as individual in a group, here's what I do:

  • All lessons are freshly written with students in mind (nothing is repeated from past lessons)
  • Entrance exam students have ongoing assessments and targets to ensure progress.
  • Lessons are designed to nurture a love for learning which leads to motivated students

Can I book more than one class?

Yes. Add as many classes as you like to your basket. We send an email confirmation with Zoom links for each class.

Can I cancel a class?

Once booked, refunds are not available as per our Terms and Conditions. This is because there are limited places on each class and once a place is booked, other children are then not able to join the class. Missed classes cannot be refunded, but course materials and homework can still be accessed.

What if I can't connect or I've deleted my email with the link?

Please check your Zoom link at least 10 minutes before the class. See our 'Technology Support' section for more help with Zoom. If you have lost the original email with the Zoom link, don't worry, we send a reminder email with the Zoom link 24-hours before the class is due to start. Please check your junk/spam folder if you can't find it. The parent login area that you join when you book a class also displays all your orders, Zoom links and any downloadable class materials.