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key stage 2 11+ exam prep

Anna is a phenomenal teacher. She is engaging, positive and passionate about supporting children in their 11+ journey. Her subject knowledge is supreme. The activities that are given are perfectly set to help the children develop the skills needed to become their best selves. Anna provides thorough and constructive individual feedback each week. She is always available for parents and makes you feel so supported. Thank you Anna we couldn't have done it without you.

(Trustpilot - 11 Plus Creative Writing and Reading Comprehension courses)

I wish there were more stars ... Thank you, Anna! My daughter and I have greatly appreciated your inspirational teaching methods. Amila was jumping with joy in the few minutes before your lessons and she enjoyed every second of them!
Anna’s interactive lessons are the best quality, she has reviewed my daughter’s creative writing and provided me with the information needed to improve my daughter’s work. A few weeks after the creative writing course that my daughter participated in, she took part in a poetry comprehension lesson which was as good as the other classes.
Anna helped my daughter to learn how to write under a time constrain as required for CSSE and other 11 plus entry exams.
Not only has Anna supported my daughter during the courses, but she has offered (and still is) to check and give detailed feedback in the additional writing that she is practising for her exams.
My daughter would like all of her teachers to be like Anna, who has inspired her to write even more than she used to.

(Trustpilot - 11 Plus Creative Writing and Reading Comprehension)

I cannot rate Anna’s classes highly enough. My son loved maths, but was struggling greatly with English and hated creative writing. Six months on he’s a different boy: now writing competent pieces, but more importantly confident and enjoying his classes. Anna is a fabulous teacher, so glad we found her!

(Trustpilot - 11 Plus Creative Writing - Autumn 2021 and Spring 2022 course)

Amazing teacher with incredible teaching style: Thank you Anna for your amazing and incredible way of teaching. My 10 year old daughter has improved a lot in her presentation and expression in her writing with your guidance. You engage the kids in a way that seems natural yet engrossing which in turn helps every child to contribute their ideas to the lesson. I like the way you encourage and involve the kids to use different types of figures of speech to describe the story setting.Thank you very much for your help.

(Trustpilot review for 11 Plus and Powerful Writers' Club classes)

Anna is extremely professionalAnna is extremely professional, patient and highly experienced in teaching primary school children creative writing. My son never feels under any pressure in learning with Anna. She literally brings out the best in my child. We are lucky to have found her!

(Trustpilot review for 11 Plus Creative Writing Course Autumn 2021 and Spring term 2022)

Highly recommended: Anna is very professional with engaging children in the class. My daughter loves the classes. We started with the Powerful writer's club and started booking all relevant classes without a second thought, because of Anna's competency. We are thankful for Anna's detailed feedback on write ups and homework. We could see our daughter improved a lot in all aspects. Highly recommended.

(Trustpilot review for 11 Plus Creative Writing, Reading Comprehension and Powerful Writers' Club)

Amazing English classes with invaluable written feedback: My daughter loves Anna's comprehension classes. She is always looking forward to Anna's class. The classes are well structured and engaging. I can definitely see an improvement in comprehension.
Not to mention Anna gives written feedback for the homework posted, which is very rare these days and is invaluable. I would definitely recommend.

(Trustpilot review for 11 Plus Reading Comprehension)

Anna was a great help for my son, in his 11+ preparation. She helped him with reading comprehension. During the course Anna taught him tips and tricks to go after RC. Arnav is more confident with RCs now. I will recommend Anna to students preparing for 11 plus.

(Trustpilot review for 11 Plus Reading Comprehension)

I recommend Anna specially for creative writing. She engaged the children actively in each class. My daughter improved her writing by joining Anna's class. She loves creative writing now - so no fuss at all. She wants to continue with Anna's class so I can see real interest with my daughter to continue with her class. Anna has been so kind and supportive towards my daughter, always giving feedback which is really helpful.

Recently, my son started Anna's class. He is a very quiet boy. I can see, he is slowly opening up and engaging in group. I cannot thank Anna enough for being kind and supportive towards my children's learning. She offers siblings discount which is very kind and affordable for us. If there were any more stars, I would give it to Anna. Thank you for helping my children.

(Trustpilot review for Powerful Writers' Club)

My daughter has joined Anna's English lessons (11 Plus and National Curriculum) for several weeks and enjoys them very much. Anna does a wonderful job in engaging everyone in the class. I can see that my daughter is getting more confident and using a greater variety of vocabularies as well as figures of speech in her writing. Highly recommended!

Anna's writing lessons have really boosted my daughters writing, she was hardly writing two lines before she started with Anna, now she enjoys writing and I can see so much difference in her style of writing. A big thanks to Anna and most importantly she looks forward for every lessons!

(Trustpilot - 11 Plus Creative Writing course)

Highly Recommend!!!! My daughters are in Anna's creative writing class. They wait for her class every week. The classes are extremely interactive. She even posts the written content on her website with feedback which the kids find it very useful and encouraging.Very, very impressed with My Home Class. Would highly recommend :)

(Trustpilot - The Weekly Writing Club)

Friendly and engaging: My sons have really enjoyed their lessons with Anna! My 9 year old has enjoyed English and Maths on Monday and Tuesday mornings, and it’s made such a difference to him. His own school haven’t done any live lessons at all, so seeing the same friendly faces twice a week has really cheered him up during the depths of winter in lockdown.

And both my sons have also started attending Anna’s Drawing Club on a Thursday morning, which they love! Fun and sociable - and they get very excited when their pictures are posted on the online gallery.

Anna has a great tone - friendly and engaging - I really recommend! (Trustpilot review)

Annie is a fantastic teacher, and the small group setting creates a really nice and cosy atmosphere. Ideal to both learning AND socialising. A real find in a sea of unpersonal and pre-recorded lessons, highly recommend!! (Facebook review)

My son is currently undergoing a period of homeschooling. I signed him up for one of these classes so he could experience some social interaction as well as some learning. The class was excellent. My son much prefers learning in small groups, he feels less self conscious and less under pressure than with a one to one tutorial. I was delighted at how much my son gained from the experience and I believe it to have been great value at such an affordable price. (Facebook review)

I signed my 10 year old son up to maths and English tutoring classes with Anna during the first lockdown and immediately felt like a weight had been lifted, as I had been struggling with home-schooling.

My son really looked forward to the lessons, which took place via Zoom with other year 5 children dotted all across the country. Anna's teaching manner is lovely and it really encourages the children to have confidence in contributing their ideas and opinions during lessons. She was great at explaining things clearly. I noticed that my son's input into the lessons - and confidence - greatly increased as the lessons went on and he now feels very at ease on video calls.

Although my son is now back at school, we have continued with the weekly top-up lessons with Anna after school, as they were such a hit and I really feel that they are worth every penny. (Trustpilot review)

Really easy booking. Good quality and much cheaper than last tutor. We are going to book each week now for maths and English as I think my daughter needs to catch up ready for her SATS. (Trustpilot review)

The classes were amazing! Jasper was excited everyday to learn and join in. The reason they were so unique is Anna's delivery was brilliant. She engaged 14 children, using breakout rooms and other interactive tools. The content was interesting and educational. I remember being very taken by Anna's use of looking at artwork which told a story, when on a drawing lesson. Money lessons were practical as well as getting arithmetic etc in. I have seen quite a few zoom classes through lockdown, but none were as delivered as well as these!!! (Trustpilot review)

We signed-up for 6-weeks of Year 5 online classes with Anna over lockdown. I wasn't sure what to expect but my daughter really loved them. She did art, personal finance, the social quiz class and some maths based ones. She came away from the classes in a much better mood. Anna was lovely and you could tell she is a 'proper' class teacher as she made my daughter feel really comfortable as she's quite shy with new people. If the kids didn't want to speak in front of others they used the chat button to communicate and there was a shared whiteboard where the kids can type and draw their answers. (Trustpilot review)

Very impressed with My Home Class. My daughter was in Anna’s class over lockdown and really enjoyed it - especially the art class. Would highly recommend :) (Truspilot review)

I was very pleased with the experience my daughter had during the zoom lessons with Anna. It did not matter that the children didn't all know each other because Anna created a relaxed, safe environment for the children to feel included and able to participate in whatever way they felt comfortable. I hadn't used online classrooms before but found this really easy to log in and use. My daughter looked forward to each lesson and it really helped her socially and educationally during these uncertain times. (Trustpilot review)

My home class really made a difference to my son's learning throughout lockdown. He looked forward to learning with Anna and enjoyed all of the classes he did. Anna is an enthusiastic teacher who clearly has a detailed understanding of the National Curriculum and the different ways in which children learn. She is friendly, patient and clear in her teaching. Her classes provide an extremely nurturing environment for children to feel confident and learn in. I would definitely recommend my home class. (Truspilot review)

Fantastic zoom lessons! Dylan really enjoyed Anna’s online lessons. Each lesson was interactive and engaging with break out rooms built into each session for collaborative working with other pupils. The subjects were relevant and interesting and aligned to the curriculum. (Trustpilot review)

Friendly, interactive lessons: Both my kids Haadiyah (10) and Talha (07) enjoy their Boost English classes. They have grown to enjoy writing specially creative writing using tricky, new vocabulary! Their writing has improved a lot with the help and support from Anna!
Thank you so much!
I would highly recommend Anna’s fun & friendly lessons!

(Trustpilot review for Boost English morning classes)

Amazing!! My daughter Lucie absolutely loves Anna's classes. They are a great price and Anna has really boosted my daughter's confidence and she really enjoys learning now!
Lucie goes to a range of these classes including Creative writing, Math and English.
Thank you so much Anna. Lucie's work keeps getting better and better! xx

(Trustpilot review for 11 Plus Creative Writing, Powerful Writers' Club and other KS2 classes)

Anna has been tutoring my 9 year old daughter who really enjoys her lessons with her.
Anna teachers her maths and English and I can see such a big improvement not only in her learning but her confidence. Anna makes the lessons fun and really enjoyable. I can not recommend her enough.

(Trustpilot review for morning KS2 classes in English and maths)