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The Magic Tree - by Eva


What an enchanting story, Eva! In our Powerful Writers' Club, we talked about Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree story and the magical lands at the top of the tree. You have thought of your own, wonderful idea and you and your mum go to the funfair land! First, you have to get through that little door at the base of the tree, and you describe seeing a violet and navy-blue light before spotting the tree and there, '... beautiful, bright lights shone gold from inside the tree.' What wonderful use of colour adjectives to describe the magical feeling in this forest. Well done!

It is also important to let people know that with your sister, Amaira, you have written a fantastic collection of 8 short stories (fables) and they are for sale on Amazon. They are brilliantly written, funny and have amazing illustrations.

The book is called: Short Stories: By the children, for the children!: Deotale, Eva, Deotale, Amaira: 9798594992122: Books

All proceeds of your book sale go to the charity 'Being Purple' (, which is a charity to promote  awareness around disability and inclusion.