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The Creature - by Arav


Arav, this description was a delight to read.

You use wonderful imagery through powerful and carefully chosen word choices (e.g., murky / spies / tangled / rotting / amber / baboon / dart ). You also used some of the words that we learnt in our Powerful Writers' Club session, such as 'serpentine'. You were also careful to keep the wrting in the same tense. In our class you talked about the J.R.R.Tolkien 'Lord of the Rings' books that you had read and some of the characters. I was really impressed with the way you used imagery you have read and thought about how to use it in writing. Well done!


The Creature - by Arav

The creature from the inky swamp is a legend that nobody believed until now! It prefers to quietly creep around the dark, murky water and it spies on everything around it. If something dares to look at it, the creature blends in easily with the surrounding tangled, rotting trees. Emerging from his quiet dam, his dark amber eyes on his baboon like face dart from side to side looking for danger and a meal. His serpentine, bony fingers move slowly to grasp the slippery branches. His back has a long, soggy, icky strips of seaweed dangling from it.