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Finding rocky - by aditya


 Aditya, thank you for sharing your story. It is a triumph. I was really impressed with your initial idea and you carried this through and have produced a very competent and captivating piece of writing. You create tension so well and using varied time opening phrases really helps to progress the plot and give your writing a great pace. Your ambitious punctuation is very impressive and helps the readability of the story. A huge well done.

Finding Rocky

As Henry looked up to the black sky, he was reminded of good times. For the last two weeks, he and his family were camping by the seaside. Little did they know that a storm was awaiting them. As he drew these thoughts away from him, he was in awe of the irate, roaring waves. "Come on!” his Dad screamed. "Get in the tent!”

As Henry rushed into the safe haven, a gust of wind wrapped itself around him. The silky, soft sand pounded at the door of the tent. "Where’s Rocky?” Henry asked anxiously.” I don’t know, I hope he is safe somewhere.“ replied Dad. A dark cloud of sorrow hovered over Henry as tears rolled down his cheeks. His beloved dog was lost in the storm.

Heart pounding ,he swiftly grabbed all of the essentials: a torch ,a backpack, a bottle of water and his phone. "Wish me luck,” Henry whispered to himself. He started sprinting across the golden grains of sand and pondered how he was going to find Rocky. He decided to go to the nearby forest. As time limped by ,lightening tore through the sky , blinding him. Finally he reached the forest; sprawled against a tree, hanging on for dear life, was Rocky. Even as the violent rain tore against him , Henry wasted no time and picked up Rocky and darted across the shore.

For how long he was running, he did not know , but finally they reached the tent safely. Henry did not know how long the storm would last, but he was certain of one thing ; this experience would remain etched in his mind for years to come.