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Journey to a magical cave - by Eva


Thank you for sharing your writing with us Eva. You can read the wonderful story below.

You have used some amazing vocabulary here (emerald green rocks, shimmering crystals, the '... opening brightness...'). Your final sentence is very well-chosen: "I felt lonely." What a way to finish! It made me wonder what was going to happen to the character.

It is also important to let people know that with your sister, Amaira, you have written a fantastic collection of 8 short stories (fables) and they are for sale on Amazon. They are brilliantly written, funny and have amazing illustrations.

The book is called: Short Stories: By the children, for the children!: Deotale, Eva, Deotale, Amaira: 9798594992122: Books

All proceeds of your book sale go to the charity 'Being Purple' (, which is a charity to promote awareness around disability and inclusion.

Journey to a magical cave, by Eva, aged 7

One Saturday I saw a mountain in the car so I went out of the car. Up the mountain! Suddenly the cave slipped. I fell inside. To my amazement I saw a temple in the death scary part of the mountain with monsters in the deep cave. Emerald green rocks and shimmering crystals shone in the opening brightness. I wanted to touch them but they were too delicate to touch so I didn’t. I saw a few giant lapis-blue stones. A stream bubbling through and pictures of chalk and the drawing were of old armies and horses. I felt lonely.