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Journey to a magical cave - by Amaira


Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful writing from Powerful Writers' Club (aged 7-9) with us Amaira. You can read it below!

You have successfully written a fantastic mini-story which has a great structure and a very happy and positive ending, which will lift all our spirits. Thank you so much!

It is also important to let people know that with your sister, Eva, you have written a fantastic collection of 8 short stories (fables) and they are for sale on Amazon. They are brilliantly written, funny and have amazing illustrations.

The book is called: Short Stories: By the children, for the children!: Deotale, Eva, Deotale, Amaira: 9798594992122: Books

All proceeds of your book sale go to the charity 'Being Purple' (, which is a charity to promote  awareness around disability and inclusion.

The Magical Cave, by Amaira, aged 7

One day a deadly virus came called Croflent. Croflent made people sleep and that meant they can’t eat or drink so people died. But there in the mountain so deep was a temple which had a cure with edible golden sparkles.

I started in the morning up the misty mountain. I slipped and fell in.

To my amazement, I saw jewels and a temple. I touched a jewel and there was clue that said “Look in the temple.” I looked in. I found it!

I took myself up with it. I gave a bit to everyone. The cure was found! Everyone was better! HOORAY!!!