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Describing a character's head - a study by Alicia


Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your character face study, Alicia.

Recently, you have been working hard on using figurative language and starting sentences in different ways, and these now appear perfectly in your writing. Now, you have turned your attention to show the detail a character's emotions through their face/head.

For example, you describe her crown of ginger hair being like a ginger cat flapping around like a bird in thew wind. you move to her cheeks and then her quivering chin. 

You really take your time with the description, and don't rush on to try to tell the story quickly (and thereby forgettign lots of details). This is the sign of a very good writer.

Well done!

A character's face - a study by Alicia

Her crown of ginger brown hair which looked like a ginger fur cat, flapped around like a bird as a gustier of wind flew above her fighting like they were racing. Her youthful glow of rose pink on her cheeks blushed as the wind ran above her. Her quivering chin stood still, awaiting instructions from the owner. Her rosy lips were as tight as a zipper line on a jacket. The nose on her face was twitching and twitching in the inside. Her cyan-blue eyes were narrowed.

Her mind was running like a hamster in a wheel. Her hands and legs were steady to attack when the raven birds approaches to attack a new born bird which is a baby wise owl. The wise owl is born with cleverness. That owl is supposed to be an animal that exits. The feathers of it may be very valuable as it's owner of the feather is intelligent. Her parents had suggested to sell the creature if it is very valuable. She decided to keep it as a pet since she found the unhatched egg on the beach.

The crows had been gathering for some time, no doubt displeased by the girl’s actions. She could feel the cold, wet slime dripping slowly from her fingertips, though it didn’t bother her anyway. Her hands stuck with slimes unable to move. All she could think about was the creature in front of her, finally escaped from its cage. It had hatched. It was time. She had been eagerly awaiting this moment. Finally, her hands were freed. She shooed the raven birds away and carried the new born wise owl back to her room, leaving the eggshell in the garden.

One day, as the marmalade sun rose into the sky shinning every spot in the world, the baby wise owl had two fallen feathers. That girl brought some milk and fed the owl. She left one feather on the table and one in her hair. Suddenly, she had an excellent idea for her writing homework and sat on the desk, picked up the feather on the table, dipped it in the ink and started to write.