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Three actions for a character - by Adrian


Wow, Adrian. You have worked so carefully to study the images in our class. You have thought about three or four things that could happen in close sequence.
By practising this, you learn how to include lots of detail in a description of a character and their actions in the setting. It means that when we tell stories, we don't leave out lots of detail.

You have done an excellent job. Well done!

Writing three actions for a character - by Adrian


She gasped with fear.

She shot away with dread.

She hid behind a bush but the terrified beast stepped forward to see what it was.

The monster grabbed the girl and held her tightly. The girl screamed in fear.

She felt she was flying away and she looked up and saw the beast swooped her up.



I was walking alone in the town then a doorway appeared!

I went inside and the doorway was a book!

It looked like a library and there were many books.



(i) I was nowhere to be found in the rocky space.

(ii) I entered into a magic mirror in the rocket.

(iii) I ended up in a spooky forest.