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Children's writing: opening adjectives - by Caron


This is a joy to read, Caron. You have developed the character description in full detail in the beginning, and this sets the scene so well. You talk about the past, and then the present, and this helps your reader to imagine why the giant is like he is.  You have incorporated the skill for the week – opening adjectives (Formidable and unapproachable) and also so many of the language features that we have learnt over the months (such as this metaphor - 'The giant's heart was a frozen wasteland...').

You wrote this during one of our Weekly Writing Clubs where we look at a new picture each week and learn a new writing skill – and this week, for Year 5/6, this was trying out opening adjectives, as well as thinking about various figurative language techniques. You explored and discussed the image, thought about how to use new vocabulary, tried out a new skill, and produced this piece of writing - all in just 50 minutes.


Thank you for sharing.


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