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Children's writing: fronted adverbials - by Pinaki


Thank you, Pinaki, for sharing your writing with us. It's great to see your detailed notes that you took during our discussions. It just shows how much there is to think about while discussing an image! You wrote this during one of our Weekly Writing Clubs where we look at a new picture each week and focus on one writing skill – and for this challenge we experimented with opening adjectives. You explored and discussed the image, learnt new vocabulary and ways to use it and then tried out this skill focus. Then, you produced this piece of writing.This was all in just 50 minutes. What an achievement!
Your language use is carefully chosen and includes vivid, figurative images, as well as strong adjectives and verbs. In such a short space, you have managed to tell a compacted story and the reader is left in no doubt about what happens. The image of the children being filled with this power and then unleashing it is spectacular.
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