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Children's writing: opening adjectives - by Priyoti



Thank you for sharing 'Frost, The Queen of Ice' with us, Priyoti. It's a mesmerising story packed full of  beautifully-chosen adjectives and images. The idea of the hearts is very powerful and the plot is intriguing along with it's superbly-named characters - Frost and The Snow Miser. You wrote this during one of our Weekly Writing Clubs where we look at a new picture each week and focus on one writing skill – and for this challenge we experimented with opening adjectives. You explored and discussed the image, learnt new vocabulary and ways to use it and then tried out this skill focus. Then, you produced this piece of writing and even continued at home a little to revise it. Fantastic!

Let's read ...

Frost the Queen of Ice - by Priyoti

The shimmering carpet of ice was cold, blue as the lips of Frost, the queen of ice, as she stepped into nowhere. She might be heading to the ice of forgetting.

"Where are we?" Frost cried as something tugged her into the chasm-like castle. Suddenly, she felt a tingle of evil as her clothes changed from ragged skirts to a wonderful cold blue gown. She had become Frost, the snow and ice queen. She was the most magically powerful creature in the universe. Nothing, except one person in this world, could free her, someone unknown.

She thought about her beloved mother and father, and her wonderful brothers. Then she heard cries "Froooooost! Frrooooost! wherein the falcon are you? Frooooooooooost!" But whoever was calling, had no reply except their echo. Frost remembered whose voice it was, but her warm heart was no match for the new evil inside her. No one wanted to even look at her. Her crying left her in vain. Months, then years, but no one came. Until, one fresh icy morning, a person, a familiar face emerged out of the mist. She knew him, she was sure he came to meddle with her evil witchery, she knew he was somebody she had met before.

The screeching sound of the bolts, that were fastened, defeated her ears. As the boy appeared, she cried with pain. Her evil radiations were worn out by this familiar boy. Her warm heart flowed out of her body and made a golden-red shield around her and the boy. The Snow Miser, equally powerful, started to fire ice spears at them, but their warm hearts fought back as they sang, "The miser fought us fast, but we fought back equally quickly!" Frost's and the boy's hearts had a passion, passion for the greatest power of all, Friendship and Love. The miser fell in a heap, as the hearts returned to their rightful owners. Frost asked the boy what his name was. He replied," My name is Charles Piezer."

Frost squinted in delight, as her name was Frost Piezer. She realized he was her brother. They hugged each other delightfully. Soon, they learned that Charles had fire powers as Frost had ice powers. They decided to use it wisely for the people who needed it. They are now known as Hansel and Gretel.

                                                 The  End