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Children's writing: an evil character description - by Selena


Thank you for sharing your wonderful writing with us, Selena! You have used so many techniques to show this character as battle worn and evil, such as his body movements and actions. Top job!


Let's read ...


King Wulfgar - a description by Selena
King Wulfgar emerged from his cavernous animal-skin tent. As his long fox-fur cloak swept across the muddy-brown ground, his servants bowed low. A heavy, metal helmet framed his thin, gaunt face and his eyes were blazing with fury. King Wulfgar's ornate sharp axe was only used when he was at war with France. By now, you can see stains of blood on his large gnarled hands. His fox-fur cloak is stained with patches of blood and is torn into pieces! In his time, King Wulgar's silvery beard looked like a lion's mane and was very rough and knotty. His rough face is hidden away under the heavy metal helmet, but vividly through the helmet, you can see his fiery cruel eyes and his cunning smile.
 King Wulfgar rode swiftly on his horse (Wulfie)  into Wulf Castle. He was greeted by his knights in shining armour and they all celebrated the victory with a magnificent feast!