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The Library Legend - by Hamza


Hamza - thanks you so much for sharing your wonderful writing! It was an absolute pleasure to read. You have a great structure that takes your reader on a journey of intrigue. You decided that a library would be would be a good plot addition - and you were absolutely right! It shows that the character has to frantically find an answer - and you show this by using, 'a quick thought' and 'ran' to show the urgency of the situation. Excellent choice. It's these careful choices that really add to the emotion and tension in this story. Well done!

The Library Legend

It was early morning, and the top of the white mountain was lit by brilliant golden sunshine. Suddenly I noticed that the plants in every garden were dying. I also noticed that everyone except me fell asleep as if the everyone and everything around me was strange and disoriented. A quick thought struck me, and I ran to the library to read every legend I could; I got to know that the town was in a kind of a spell and the only way to break that spell was the cure from the white mountain. I set off to the mountain and felt exited. I simply walked to the mountain and started climbing; I was about to save the town and I felt so proud of myself.

A strange mist covered my eyes, and I could not see; I was climbing blind, but I made it up to the path. Suddenly it got so windy. The wind was strong enough to throw me away; all I remember is that I fell into a hole and I became unconscious. When I woke up, I found myself in a cave. I noticed a man around me and I became terrified. I could not think of anything and, totally lost, I started running until I made it to the summit - but I could not see the temple that I had read about in the library. I stomped on the mountain with anger, fury and disappointment - I wanted to cure and save my town. I stomped again and again and the mountain turned into a fluffy cloud; unable to hold my weight, it vanished like fumes, and I fell in a tunnel that opened in the temple…

Yayyyyy … At last, I had discovered the temple. I found a magical diamond that was releasing mysterious lights. I lifted it up and heard a voice from the top of the temple! “You are blessed with the cure to save your town.”

Feeling triumph, I got the cure and returned to the town. I was the one that saved the town again. Once again, I became a hero and the apple of every eye. Yet ... I still had one thought: whatever happened to the man in the cave, and who was he ?

 -The end -