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The Secret Enchanted Jungle - by Alicia


Wow! You have been inspired to write this epic story from a 'continue the story' class that we did together, and I am so pleased to see your writing, Alicia! You have written 1,159 words! There are so many wonderful elements to your story, not least the intriguing plot  and the carefully planned structure - and who would have thought that a mysterious world with four seasons would be found inside a tropical rainforest! You have used super language in a variety of verbs, adjectives and adverbs, as well as figurative language (e.g., pains still thundered through my body / marmalade sun / slower than a snail / frisbee-like trace).

A huge well done and thank you so much for sharing!


The Secret Enchanted Jungle - by Alicia

     While I just settle down as the plane started to fly, bellow me, I saw a jungle when “Argh!!!!!!!!!” I screamed. My chair had just fell out of the plane without a parachute. I closed my eyes extremely tight, wishing I haven’t chosen this path. Crash! When I landed, I think I was still alive, because I felt very painful.

       Moving slower than a snail, pains still thundered my body. Feeling terrified, I want to run, but I didn't think my muscles and bones were ready for a run, so I hid behind a bush which was making a strange hissing sound. As I sat quivering in the bush, the damp, muddy floor made me feel cold. I gazed upwards and saw the marmalade sun smiling down on me through the canopy of the trees. Huge pea-green vines swung in the breeze. I was in the biggest jungle in the world!

       I made another big number of hissing sounds. Hiss. Suddenly, I heard some footsteps approaching. Someone tapped me on the shoulders, I was too scared to yell. I turned my head and saw it was a scout leader who had a lot of badges all over his plump belly. "Shh, they will hear you!", he said.

"Who are ’they’?", I stammered.

   Suddenly, a lion, a zebra and a rabbit were rushing toward us at top speed. A second later, they were frozen like stone, their furs were turning into the colour of ice. The man said, "Come on, I'll bring you to a shelter."

       We walked for miles and miles when I spotted a sign, 'THE ONLY SCOUT LEADER IN THE ENCHANTED JUNGGLE'S KINGDOM" Enchanted jungle, I thought I was in the biggest jungle. I looked up and saw a lot of amazing things in the place where the old man bought me to, it was winter.

       There is a big igloo and a middle-sized igloo-shed where equipments for playing in the snow and ice were there.

       Although it was amazing, I was now starting to freeze like an ice cube. Brr! "Wear these, they'll keep you warm," the old man said, handing me a violet-purple coat, like the ones reporters wear in Antarctica.

       That night, we ate a piece of bread, fish and carrots. I asked the old man, ”Why did the animals freeze just now?”.  The old man said, “There was once a queen in the Litter Jungle and she loves litters. Somehow one day, all her litters disappeared. She cried for days and days and think that crying isn’t a resolution, so she set up a plan. She put an invisible frisbee-like trace at the place where you were just now; that its glowing sky-blue colour blends with the mint-green grass. When the animals walk near the frisbee less than one metre, they will freeze like ice and once a decade, the queen’s worker will collect the animals, smash them into pieces and throw the pieces all over the kingdom.” Thinking about that made me think I heard the workers crashing them. Smash. Crash. Creak. “We must make another trace to free the frozen animals and another one to freeze the people in the Litter Jungle including the queen to bash them into pieces. The queen just started the plan yesterday and to make a trace we need three years’ time so total we need six years’ time. All the dogs and cats were in my kingdom now. Let’s find the ingredients tomorrow. We have to wake up at dawn,” concluded the man.

       That night, I was sick with worries, what if the trace wouldn’t work? What if we got caught? The next morning, I had very big panda eyes, my teacher would say, “Just perfect for today!” on Halloween. Luckily, the old man was very nice that he let me sleep a bit longer. Zzz.

        Afterwards, I was wild awake, but I still have panda eyes. “ You can choose which trace do you want to make, the one to free the animals or the one to freeze the people in the Litter Jungle?” the old man questioned. “The one to free the animals,” I replied. “What colour do you want, you can choose less than six colour,” he asked, “I’d like rose-pink, honey-orange, banana-yellow, seafoam-green, frost-blue and orchid-purple please,” I answered.  “The ingredients for your trace are daisy, blossom, sea water, marigold, rose, fish, crabs, grass, coral, the lights of the sun, egg shells, ice block, strawberry, banana, orange, pear, peach, apple, blue berries, grapes, kwai, pineapple and carrots,” the man said. I cried, “Whoa! That’s a lot of ingredients!”

       So, we started to search all the ingredients (including the old man’s one) in the kingdom of the scout leader, because it had Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter. By the evening, all the ingredients were found.

       The old man led me into his laboratory and lay my ingredients and recipes on a table and his one on the opposite side. We had an appetizing dinner and a wonderful sleep. The next day, we were wide awake at dawn, I didn’t have a single black spot around my eyes.

       We started working day and night but not non-stoppable, because we had to eat and sleep. Every year on my birthday, the old man baked me a birthday cake and make me a flower crown with different kind of flowers as a birthday present. But every time I asked him how he knew it was my birthday today, he will ignore me and continue his work.

       Six years later, we succeed, we sprang into action. At daytime, I freed the animals by waving the trace around them. The animals were very happy, and they went to the old man’s kingdom with me. At night, the old man rode an invisible helicopter and amazingly he had made twenty traces in only six years.

       Three weeks later, the old man rode his helicopter again and found all the people frozen in the Litter Jungle. We bashed them and recycled them, because they were turned into ice just like glass.

       As years passed, one day, I saw a hot-pink helicopter in the cobalt-blue and landed in front of me. Full of curiosity, I knocked on the window gently. Knock. Knock. The window slowly slide open. It was my mum! I hugged her tightly and she said, “Bring the old man here, I’d like to drive him home too.” So we hopped into to the helicopter. The old man said that he would buy some food and go back to his kingdom.

       When we arrived, I stepped out of the helicopter and saw myself on a red carpet. Bands playing music filled my ears, they were as neat as pot plants. At the end of the red carpet was my dad. I rushed towards him and the old man was behind me, trying to run faster. When dad saw the old man, he cried, “Dad!” Dad? So that’s why the old man knew when my birthday was, he was my Grandpa!