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The Alchemist's Letter by Joe, age 10


The Alchemist's Letter, by Joe

I walked into my dad's old house and there was a machine, but I didn't know how it ran. Anyway, I opened the letter and I couldn't believe my eyes ...

My dad sacrificed his memories for gold. I didn't know my dad was so greedy.

His letter said:

Dear son, 

This is my latest invention, the gold maker! The fuel is run with memories. So if you see me, it really isn't me.

Dad xxx

I saw the machine work and a few seconds later I was in tears. And there was no way to bring my father back. The machine didn't work anyway. It did look cool though. I went to one side of the machine and there the riches lay. It was a big sacrifice.

See below:

Wow Joe, this is a great piece of writing. It made me feel very emotional when I read it, so I think you captured the dilema that the main character had between riches and memories. He also saw how he had lost his father due to greed. Thank you for sharing this Joe. I'm really looking forward to your next piece of writing.