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The Adventure of Space: a factual story for children, ages 4-8 – by Aditi


Thank you for sharing this unique and wonderful, part-factual, part-fiction text for children. It's a lovey idea to have a character to introduce complex ideas to young children. You use challenging vocabulary for them as well, which is a good thing! I saw how you revised this text from your first, rough draft, and I was impressed with how you spotted errors in punctuation and the sense/ grammar of sentences. What you now have is a well-structured and clearly-discussed topic. Well done!

The Adventure of Space: A factual story for children ages 4-8  - by Aditi

Space is an extraordinary place and has an endless number of discoverable things to do. This is a space report showing a scientist, called Mr Science, who is planning a family trip to space. This text is non-fiction with a smattering of fiction!

Mr Science is very intellectual and knowledgeable about space (some may even call him a space nerd). He has been planning a space trip for his family but has to test out a safe way to travel. He has taken the opportunity to go to space by car. Now, everyone knows that traveling to space by car is impossible, but we´ll let it go just this once!  He has thought of using his rocket to plot a course for where they are going to go. Once he is in space, he will see all the planets in order orbiting the sun. It will go from the Sun to Mercury, Venus, the Earth’s Moon, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and its moons and Saturn.

Mr. Science’s Star Facts: Long ago, the only way people could see stars and planets was by the naked eye. But, when telescopes were invented, around 500 years ago, everything changed. When anyone looked through a telescope, they could see far-away objects very clearly. Galileo Galilei was an astronomer who lived in Italy between 1564-1642. He was one of the first scientists to point a telescope at the sky to study stars and planets.

Now, let us get back to the main story. Mr. Science observed space very closely and found a lot of new things about the galaxy that he could teach his children, such as how a star is made from a nebula (a huge cloud of dust) or what happens in a star or what a neutron star is (a small star made from a giant star). He learnt that the best place to find out about space was from the Space Discovery Station. Well, after these thoughts, he planned a brilliant place to take his family: the Space Discovery Station!

Well, that’s all from Mr. Science for now.