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myths and legends writing by Sam, age 9


The Alchemist's Letter - by Sam

I looked at this magnificent machine. The intricate design on the invention astonished me. The greed overwhelmed me but I just had to do it once; I did it again and again and again.I got down to my last most precious memory. I was about to use it but then thought not to but I did it.

See below: This is what Sam's creative writing process looks like. He jotted down powerful vocabulary after seeing a film clip and discussing ideas in a group. During the session Sam shared his ideas sentence by sentence, and listened really well to other children's thoughts. He independently added his semi-colon - amazing! We also discussed the repetition of the noun 'machine' in his first few sentences (which you can see below), and wanted to change it to 'invention' for the second noun - which we have changed in the typed version. Wonderful writing Sam. Thank you for sharing it.

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