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myths and legends writing by Ed, age 11


The Alchemist's Letter - By Ed

Entering the address my dad left in his note I crept in and was shocked. I knew what to do. My dad had told me. I examined the machine looking at all the intrictate details. But then I remembered that if I put in a bad memory I wouldn't be able to learn from my mistakes. My dad must have given me a clue on what to do?

See below: This is Ed's creative writing process. He has jotted down powerful vocabulary that he wanted to include in his writing after our group watched and discussed a short film clip. He revised his work as he went along, altering punctuation. When he was stuck for ideas, he listened really well to other children in the group for inspiration. He included the new adjective 'intricate' correctly and appropriately. Fantastic writing Ed. Thank you for sharing.

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