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Five different Year 3 writing skills - by Ciona


Ciona, you have joined The Weekly Writing Club now for five weeks, and have learnt five new writing skills. I have to pinch myself when I remember that you are only 7 years old! Each week, you remember previous skills, and I can see that you are using these in subsequent classes as well, showing that you are remembering the sentence techniques that you have learnt. SUPER-DUPER!! Well done! So, let's see this lovely writing ....

Skill 1 - Descriptions for a character's face

This is a wonderful description, Ciona, full of well-chosen adjectives to describe the girl’s head and movements.  You have also used a simile – white like a pearl. You have also chosen a powerful verb – sniffed – and an adverb to give more information about a verb – swiftly.

Skill 2 - Body movement description using conjunctions

This is great. You have included a lot in one sentence and used a conjunction ‘because’ to join your ideas. I am impressed that you numbered each section of this sentence! Well done!

Another super sentence using conjunctions to join ideas. Well done!

Skill 3 - Expanded noun phrases

This is wonderful, Ciona, because you have thought carefully about what's happening in the pictures and the adjectives to make up the expanded noun phrases to perfectly describe the images. Well done!

Skill 4 - Character detail

Another lovely piece of writing. I can see compound colours and lovely feature descriptions. You have also described how these features show her emotions. Here is the compound colour chart that you are SO good at using!

Skill 5 - Fronted adverbial phrases

What a lovely description of the haunted house, Ciona! You work so hard in our class, and I can see that you have not only used the fronted adverbial phrases that we were learning (e.g., In the neighbourhood / In the distance / Between the tree / Nearby...), but you have used lovely colour descriptions as well. So, this shows me that you are remembering your learning from weeks and weeks ago too! Well done!