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Congratulations! A writing award for Aadyha


Aadhya, I was over the moon to see that you had received this certificate and acknowledgment of your writing achievement for a poem your wrote at home. I am so glad that your poem will be published and that others will be able to share in your new-found joy for writing. To say that I am thrilled to hear this is an understatement!


Your poem will be published in the magazine, Young Writers very soon.

A poem - by Aadyha
I am kind,
I am clever
I am a dancer,
I try to do my best,
I try to be a good friend,
I try to be a good sister,
I have black,
I have brown eyes,
My favourite thing is dance,
I love my friends, teachers and my family,
I am always happy like the sun.

I have also pasted here a snippet from the email that you sent me to tell me that you had received this certificate as I wanted to also acknowledge your very kind consideration in letting me know that you now have a love for writing. I was thrilled to hear this.