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Collaborative newsletter writing - by Anniyah, Caron and Tom


In our English class on Tuesdays, we have been thinking about the life of a typical 10-year-old in 2021. By collaborating and sharing ideas, Anniyah, Caron and Tom, you have produced this wonderful newsletter to accompany the items that you have chosen for a time capsule. I have been so impressed with the way you all listened to each other's ideas, negotiated on content for your pieces, spent time at home writing some of your content and choosing pictures and then came back together to think about the content of the newsletter as a whole. There are a range of writing 'tones' to this newsletter: a mixture of chatty and formal. We decided that this was a good thing because in the future, those uncovering the time capsule would have a better understanding of the different ways a 10-year-old communicated. A huge well done!