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Children's writing: using adjectives by Leo



Wow! Leo, this was an amazing achievement with so many well-chosen adjectives to give your reader extra and important information. You have also used a simile (like a mushroom). It’s also a very funny, mushroom-based story and one which I wasn't expecting from the picture prompt that we had (above). This is why it's great writing with you - you always surprise me. I laughed out loud when I read this! Well done!


Let's read ...


The Mushroom Isle - by Leo

There was a tawny-brown castle, shaped like a mushroom on a faraway island. Only the people that was specially born, could teleport to this dreamy island. The island was 8,000 metres high. This particular factory was at the edge of the island. At the factory, there were mushroom elves and a frost-white dog called Santa Paws. They were all the trusty companions of the King. The king on the island was named Mushsant after the mushroom god. The King’s trusty elves made mushroom cars, mushroom ducks, mushroom lego and more. The best mushroom elf was McPee. He was the best because he wrapped presents at a supersonic speed and he was first-class at designing toys.