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Children's writing: using adjectives - by Adrian


What a wonderful piece of writing packed full of adjectives, Adrian. Using adjectives was our target for Year 3, and you have used lots here, as well as trying the new vocabulary (solitary) and you used a simile (as big as a bench). You have also used speech correctly and used the exclamation marks that we learnt recently. Well done and thank you for sharing!

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The Giant - by Adrian

The giant looked at the sea while ships were sailing through. He had lived on this land for ten centuries. His legs were covered with spiky grass. The coin-grey giant felt lonely. He was sitting on a solitary rock which was as big as a bench. A ship sailed through the big piece of rock where the giant was sitting on. Another giant jumped on the piece of rock and said, “Long time no see, Ruthrew !” The giant could not believe his eyes, it was his mother! His mother had been lost for five centuries!