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Children's writing: powerful verbs and repetition - by Samarth


Thank you for sharing your writing, Samarth! Both of these writing pieces are rich in well-chosen vocabulary and figurative language  (e.g. She hung like swaying feathers to the umbrella) and are a joy to read.

Our week 4 task in The Weekly Writing Club  (Years 3+4) was powerful verb choices, and you have chosen some great ones (e.g., panicking, shrieking and attacking). 

Our week 5 challenge get was to use repetition, and I asked you to try the tricky opening phrase 'Wherever...'. You have done this (i.e. Wherever she looked, wherever she stepped, ...). Fantastic. It links in nicely to the plot because you said she kept finding a dead end, which suggests she was trying hard but to no avail.

Let's read both your super writing pieces ...