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Children's writing: a description of a majestic but deadly beast - by Selena


This is a super piece of writing that shows us the beauty and brutality of a tiger. Your choice of description for the settings also mimics the emotions we see in the tiger: this is super pathetic fallacy (we also think about this as personification).


Let's read ...


The Bengal Tiger
After sailing for a few hours, I dozed off to bed. About two hours later, I heard a deafening growl.
"Grr! Grr!"
What was that? Bang! Bang! I awoke and noticed a marigold-coloured menacing, snarling brute by my side staring down at me! His teeth were as sharp as spikes and his whiskers were as long as string! The aggressive tiger was raging with fury as he came closer and closer to me. The monstrous tiger was on my wooden dinghy, but how did he appear? His soft fur felt damp as it rubbed against my cheek.
"I will gobble you up like a hungry hyena!" the tiger hissed.
What concerns me is that the ferocious tiger is ravenous. He might actually devour me!  As he approached me bit by bit, I smelt a strong odour coming from his mouth.
The Bengal tiger (who had escaped from Safari Zoo weeks ago) was licking his lips as he was breathing down my neck! Still, even though the tiger looked famished, he still didn't consume me. 
But one hour later, the wind howled. The calm ocean altered into splashes of waves. The clear blue sky then turned darker and darker as a raging storm emerged. My teeth rattled. My cold body shook. I got petrified as the boat capsized and I was waiting to die. The tiger slowly drifted away but I swam and swam, although I knew there was no point.
The harsh waves pushed me twenty metres away and the next thing I knew was that I was on an island as I felt the glimmering golden sand beneath my feet.