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Children's writing: a story using given criteria - by Hibah


Thank you for sharing your two stories, Hibah! They have been a joy to read. It's wonderful to see how much you have learnt and absorbed over this term, and I can see it here in your writing. Your task was to write a story including a boat, a storm and two friends. You have developed your characters and setting and used a variety of well-chosen ISPACED openers, such as, 'Calling for help was not an option'.

You have used dialogue in the 'Shipwrecked' story to move the plot forwards and give us an insight into the character's personalities and interactions. The structure of the mole story using three paragraphs is excellent, and the structure within your paragraphs is logical. The opening of the mole story paints a vivid picture of Toad using an adverb and well-chosen verb to show the manner in which he walks:

'...casually sauntered across wealthy Toad’s abode…’ 

Let's read both stories!

The Invincible Storm - by Hibah