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an animal character by ed, age 11


Thank you for sharing this piece of writing Ed. You have built up a picture of the character of the narrator (the dog) and his owner through action and description of the setting. This shows that you have really thought about what we have been learning over the past few weeks and incorporated it. Well done!

The Bull Dog, by Ed

(an extract from Ed's writing)

When will he wake up? While I'm waiting I'll climb into my swag (gold chain). There he was, slumped on the couch. He shouted to me, "We're going on a trip!" We set off climbing down the 11 sets of stairs. At last - we have left the estate. On the way to this mysterious location, I got very excited. He stopped and pulled out a stick that was smoking. Oh no. I barked and barked again, but he just ignored me.