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A person decription - by Aditi


You have built a lovely image of this old bookseller, Aditi! I am very impressed with the revisions that you made to the punctuation of your first draft. Adding punctuation means that you can write complex sentences that add lots of detail - and it won't confuse your reader. For example, you have used dashes, semi-colons, colons and brackets. Well done!

Ted, the bookseller

Ted, the old bookshop owner, down the crooked street, is always inquisitive and very intellectual about books - just like me. We could spend hours and hours just flicking through pages and pages of the most intriguing books in the whole universe (I mention the universe because who knows what’s outside our Milky Way).

Ted is the most unpredictable person you could ever know; he was first based in the navy and now in a bookshop. With Ted’s old age, he can rarely stand up - the only time you can ever see him do this is when he goes to pet his cat ( Whiskers ) or give her some water in her porcelain water bowl.

His face looks like a wrinkled bed sheet with a peach background colour. His favourite clothing type is casual even though he has a million suits left by his long-lost dad. I suppose he does not wear them as he does not want to ruin them as they are the only thing that is left of his dad. Don't think he isn't  wealthy - he is rich and some might even say filthy rich. The credit goes to his dad as he left the money for him. You might be thinking, ‘ Why does he work in a bookshop when he is wealthy?’ Well, here's your answer: his bookshop is a family shop and since he is the only one left out of his entire family, he wants  to keep the memories of his past life. So, you see, Ted might look grumpy but he is the tenderest person I ever met.