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A collection of writing - by Amaira


Wow! What a fantastic collection of writing, Amaira! Over the past few weeks we have been using our imaginations to help us create wonderful stories and descriptions. You think carefully about what you are going to write before you put pen to paper and you always talk it though before writing. This is a very good technique, because you can get it clear in your mind first. Well done. I'm looking forward to our next class!

It is also important to let people know that with your sister, Eva, you have written a fantastic collection of 8 short stories (fables) and they are for sale on Amazon. They are brilliantly written, funny and have amazing illustrations.

The book is called: Short Stories: By the children, for the children!: Deotale, Eva, Deotale, Amaira: 9798594992122: Books

All proceeds of your book sale go to the charity 'Being Purple' (, which is a charity to promote awareness around disability and inclusion.

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