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Writing to a given title, 'A Magical Moment' - by tom


Tom, you wrote a short story for the given title 'A Magical Moment', and you've given it your own wonderful twist. It starts off with excellent description and leads the reader down an eerie path - metaphorically and literally! Great personification and descriptive language. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.


A Magical Moment

I was silently walking up “Haunted Road” when I saw a dilapidated and eerie house. I heard the wind wailing in the sky. I saw frightening fog hiding the moon and the clouds were playing hide and seek with it. From nowhere, a mysterious mist crept up my legs. I carefully and silently walked closer to the house. I was curious.
I walked closer. The winding path went as far as the eye could see. The green ivy was strangling the trees and dangled down onto the path. Beside the path lay a ghoulish gravestone. I wondered who had an unfortunate death in this place. I read TOM on the tombstone; “That is my name!” I thought. I ran towards the terrifying house to just get some warmth.
Straight in front of me, a gigantic, warped tree appeared in front of me, and the roots were like witches’ bony fingers, ready to trip me up. Before I could stop myself, I tripped into a claustrophobic hole. Then, the tree toppled over me and blocked my escape. I needed a miracle to save myself now.
“I wish, I wish, I wish!” I thought, “I wish I could escape this hole.” Strangely, I saw nothing but white and it felt as if I had gone to heaven. I thought I died but in fact, I was alive and I was standing on the path of “Haunted Road”.  My wish came true! This was a truly magical moment. Swiftly, I ran off "Haunted Road" and onto a different street. The sun glimmered and glistened.
Goodbye “Haunted Road”.