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Powerful Writers' Club - A variety of story beginnings by Aditi


Aditi you have a wonderful imagination and your use of language is fantastic. Thank you for sharing these various story beginnings with us. You have very good techniques for getting the reader to immediately want to read on. We're looking forward to seeing the rest of your stories! Well done.

The Flying House

The house crumbled to pieces as the rain splattered on the ground. It was just an ordinary day - but wait, what? I could not believe my eyes or my words. Did I just see and say that a house was crumbling? And get this, it gets better, it is also floating in the air! Let's see if we can get a better look.

The Street

As I walked through the lane, you could hear the shattering and crumbling of the bricks. A lonely man walked into the busy lane, but little did he know that everything was going to change. With a sudden thud and shatter, the lonely man was found alone on the misty and foggy road. All that was now left was the road... and the door.

The Hole in the Fence

This morning when I woke up, I thought that today was going to change, but little did I know that it had gotten worse. Well, you see yesterday dad was mowing the lawn with his favourite lawn mower while mum worked...