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Children's writing: describing a friendly creature - by Selena


Thanks for sharing your super writing about finding a strange but friendly creature in the garden pond, Selena! Your vocabulary choices bring this to life beautifully. 


Let's read ...


Harry the Quirky Rabbit🐰🐇

Grandpa told me to assist with his gardening. So, I strolled around towards the garden shed, looking at how great grandpa's plants had flourished! When I approached the garden shed, I heard a rattling noise. Rattle. Rattle. Rattle. When I opened the door, I screamed! I saw the world's most disgusting creature ever! 
The creature was licking anything in sight such as... soil, petals of flowers and mud. Yes, there was a pit of mud that lay on the floor inside the cramped shed. Its ears reminded me of a rabbit, but it was green. Like a mossy color. Squelch. Squelch. Squelch! Oh! The moss-rabbit rolled over in the pit of mud and the mud flew on me! Suddenly his googly eyes jutted out from his forehead. The wide mouth opened an 'O' and it sported two rectangular (but blunt looking) teeth as if he saw a ghost. The rabbit growled at me and hopped away towards an extra-large burrow. I wriggled my body through it and led to an underground swamp. I felt like Alice In Wonderland for a moment.
As I looked around I saw posters of the name 'Harry' on the muddy-brown walls. So, of course his name was Harry! He was quite unusual as he drinks the swamp water, then poops it out again. Ugh! Also, Harry's cave was quite dark as there was no window. Luckily, I brought my lamp with me. I shone it at his face and we both screamed! Again, he growled at me. 
As I stayed with Harry for a few hours, I realised how friendly he is. He's quite gentle as he doesn't shove me away. I think we are now becoming friends.
It was late and I waved goodbye to my friend and set off.  I climbed through the burrow again and trampled on the plants. When I arrived at my bedroom, I thought should I sleep with Harry, and give him one of my grey, soft blankets? Maybe I should. He might feel cold down there!
By the time I arrived at the swamp, Harry was fast asleep! I tucked the blanket over his head, and laid my dark blue sleeping bag adjacent to him. ''Goodnight, Harry!'' I whispered as I snored away!
                                                          😀THE END!😀