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Children's Writing: writing about a journey - by Leo


Thank you for sharing your super-duper writing, Leo! Our task for this class was to write about a character approaching their destination, a castle. You have created an engaging character, Angel Slayer, whose well-chosen name gives your reader a good indication of what he will be like! You have also remembered to include lots of setting details, with adjectives, to help your reader to imagine exactly where the action is happening (i.e. enormous castle, massive mountain, moat, water, secret bunker, vaults etc.). Well done!


Let's read your super writing ...


The Mysterious Castle, by Leo

Angel Slayer was heading to the edge of the world where beholds the enormous castle.  The castle sat next to a massive mountain and a thousand-year-old tree.  Angel Sayer’s secret plan was to go into the moat since there was no water.  He had a laser-beaming dragon and a super-fast Ferrari to escape to his secret bunker. However, his favourite piece of equipment was his Ferrari aeroplane, so he can track down vaults to capture all the glorious treasures in the castle.

Angel Slayer used a nuke to crack open the vault.  He retrieved all the treasure and escaped back to his bunker. His bunker was underground towards the South Coast of Africa. Angel Slayer used his cunning skills to sell one piece of treasure for a million dollars and then take back the treasure through unscrupulous means.