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A story in 7 sentences - by Aditi


Aditi, one of the most tricky story-writing challenges is to write concisely in just six or seven sentences. But, you have risen to this task brilliantly! Your writing has tension because you don't describe why the detective is there, and you start in the middle of the investigation. Then, you tell the story with a beginning, middle and cliffhanger ending.

Also, you have been practising 'ISPACED' sentence starters, and they are evident through this writing:

  • 'Entering' / 'Feeling' / 'Finding' - starting with an -ing verb
  • 'Like a hawk' - starting with a simile
  • 'Clearly' - starting with an adverb

A story in 7 sentences - by Aditi

Entering the musty room, a feeling of lonesomeness overwhelmed Investigator Crooked Corn. As he intricately scanned the room for clues, he spotted a light-brown, buckled diary with fresh finger prints marked in the settled dust. Clearly, someone had left in a hurry. Like a hawk, he skimmed through the pale pages hoping to find the missing piece of the puzzle. Feeling a need to sit down, he avoided the chair with the obvious imprint of a recent occupant and contemplated the room in search of another place to rest. Finding the window slightly ajar, he noted it in his investigator’s notepad. He now knew what to do …