If you are looking to develop your child's creative writing skills in a fun and structured way, come and join our weekly, after-school 'The Weekly Writing Club', suitable for children in years 3/4 or 5/6 and those studying for 11+ exams.

The 'Boost English' creative writing classes are offered in the morning, to suit homeschooled children in the UK or children accessing the classes from different time zones. 

Both classes are taught by Anna, a highly experienced primary school teacher and 11 Plus English tutor and use the British National Curriculum.

English classes can be booked weekly, or block-booked for the term to secure a place. Weekly attendance is highly encouraged to ensure the best progress.

Click on any class below for further details. 

Class content changes each week. If you join our mailing list we can email you when new classes are ready for booking.

How do our classes work?

We recommend joining weekly to ensure the best progress; regular practice means better results. When booking, click on the class to find out more information.