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Children's writing: a story - by Ethan


Thank you for sharing your super story, Ethan! Your writing is full to the brim of well-chosen language to help your reader to imagine the scene in this scary situation. There is a nice contrast between the character in the beginning who is 'strolling' to school, and then the same character who screams when he sees the alien spaceship. You have built up layers of images for the setting, such as describing the thunder and the smell of the air. Your writing style always includes some very funny elements, and this story is humorous because you carefully describe the alien who isn't really scary, but just wants cookies to feed to its baby! I laughed aloud when I read this! Thank you so much for sharing with us.


Let's read ...


Alien Attack - by Ethan

Strolling to my school contently which took half an hour, I arrived at the front gate. The gate was so gargantuan that it was towering over me like a giant. At the entrance, a teacher came rushing out to unlock the gate; she hurriedly dragged me inside. When I peeked out of the windows, a thunder was grumbling -- I discovered a flying saucer hovering still above our school. I screamed, “WHAT IS THAT?” The teacher was speechless with a pale face like a ghost. Everybody was terrified.

Bravely, I decided to creep out of the building and skulk under the spaceship. The terrified teacher was reluctant to save me. Since I was always daring at school, I tried to examine the ship. Hypnotised, I gazed at the bottom of the disc-liked saucer which had dozens of powerful leaf-blower-liked propellers and sparkling tube lights running along its rim. Everybody inside has hair blowing back as the force of the propellers was immense. The blowing air smelled of a damp and mouldy attic which had not been cleaned for over a century. The sound of the ship made an incessant ear-splitting honk which sounded like a car horn. Once I was directly underneath this weird saucer, a sudden metal plate rolled out of the bottom of the ship and an alien carrying a baby bounced on its feet towards me!

Almost immediately, it screeched, “COOKIES! COOKIES! No cookie mi kill kill di you you!” The teacher heard the alien and as quickly as lightning, she raced towards the school dining hall and brought out cookies. Tremulously, I murmured to the alien, “Here are your cookies. Please leave us in peace.”

“Tank you. Miz verzy plzed. GOOZBYE!” waved the alien.

It fed them to its hungry baby. It then bowed to us and took off in its spaceship with a trail of purple aurora.