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Children's writing: a spooky story - by Ethan


Ethan, not only did I enjoy reading this greatly, but you taught me a new word here - 'nyctophobia' (a fear of the dark). You have used 'THINK THREE' so well in the first paragraph to set the scene, and this helps the reader to imagine where they are (very important if they don't have a picture). It's fabulous to see your lovely choices of sentence starters - what a great variety. Super job!


Let's read ...


Haunted Castle - by Ethan

Two boys, on a dark, gloomy night were venturing out to an adventure. On their way, they found a spooky, haunted castle and one of them, who was called Tom, decided to explore. They inspected the surrounding in the backyard of the castle and discovered the flowers were withered away. Hooting owls were hunting. Bats were screeching and screaming like terrified girls. 

Eerily, stone statues sticking out of dense bracken were full of moss. Bob (who suffered from Nyctophobia) was trembling with fear and chills were drilling through to his spine. He loathed spooky places totally! The place was like a haunted graveyard; no one dared to get near. After exploring the backyard, the boys skulked inside the massive, derelict castle. 

While the boys were exploring the creepy castle, they encountered a locked chest. Bob groaned, “What is that and what on Earth should we do Tom?” 

Tom boasted, “Don’t worry about the lock; I have got a key card that allows me to unlock almost any locks.” Tom unlocked the chest to creak open it. 

As soon as he grasped a handful of coins, the castle alarm instantly started buzzing and a countdown of ‘TEN’ was announced from a speaker in the castle. A dark, sinister voice roared, “Ten, nine, eight…, one!” KABOOM! Lucky enough, Tom and Bob had already jumped out of the window, landed in a spongy bush and bolted away.