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Children's writing: a setting description - by Ethan


Your writing is a lovely interpretation of the image, Ethan. When I saw this image, I initially thought of a jungle, but when you wrote this, I completely understood what you saw! This description is well structured, both within the paragraphs and across all three paragraphs and it's more than just a description - it tells the story of this scene. Your expanded noun phrases (fragile place / olive-green moss / miniscule barnacles / waterproof domes / slaughtered pirates) really bring the idea to life. You have included a super range of sentence types and have used various ways to start a sentence. It's so lovely to see semi-colons for complex lists and a colon to add more information. Well done and thanks for sharing it with us!


                                           Sea Adventure

Below the surface of the serene sea, there lies a murky fraction of this water which is known as the “dead wreck”. This fragile place was ruined aeons ago in sea battles between pirates. Olive-green moss glows amongst the feeble shipwrecks; lilac-purple seaweeds attach to water plants; miniscule barnacles stick on dubious rocks. Living things thrive there until they perish -- this process goes on forever.

At this freezing temperature, enormous sea creatures cannot survive here which means moving to a new home is imminent. Only wee, little bugs can inhabit here: they are all crawling around dry surfaces under the waterproof domes left behind by the slaughtered pirates.

Over the sea, a flock of famished seagulls are soaring and diving into the water one by one, trying to hunt some fish, but unfortunately one of them drowns in the “dead wreck” and descends to the dying seabed. This unlucky seagull has joined the spirits of the slain pirates drifting in the “dead wreck”, gradually turning into a part of their legend.