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Children's writing: a persuasive letter - by Ethan


Thank you for sharing this super, persuasive letter, Ethan! You worked very hard on this and it has paid dividends. You have a clear structure using a formal letter technique. You have set out the addresses of the recipient and sender, along with the date and the formal greeting and sign-off. In addition to this, you used your own research to plan this letter and have included an introduction and main points, as well as a concluding paragraph. You have included negative modal verbs (must not) and adverbs of possibility (Clearly / Maybe), which help to persuade your reader, and you have used flattery of the Governor at the end - good technique! You typed your letter beautifully, so this is also at the end of this post so we can see how you set it out.

Let's read!

                                                                                            13 Avenue Lane,
                                                                                            1111 111
                                                                                            18th December 2022
The Governor,
Amazon Rainforest's Local Centre,
22 In The Middle Of Nowhere,
Amazon First City,
QD11 1RH
Dear Governor,

I am writing to persuade you to make laws to control trees cutting down responsibly and to reverse the destruction from mass deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest. Do you know how important rainforests are and how many animal species there are left in the Amazon Rainforest? Amazon First City must not be a part of this destruction.

Our society has been cutting down trees in the rainforest and now, less and less animals are living there. Last year, there were one hundred thousand species living in this massive forest. Now, there are only ten thousand. I ask you to please look at the BBC news and see the pain and suffering from our beloved animals. Clearly, you can see animals suffering, and less of them are appearing around rainforests.

Furthermore, trees can help the environment reduce carbon dioxide, but if you decide to cut down the innocent trees, the carbon dioxide inside them will release, causing global warming.

Maybe, the trees that are cut down have only lived for a couple of years and cutting them down is stopping them growing fully. This might encourage other people to do the same thing and harm nature even more. I would like you to control the woodcutters so that they do not cut down young trees. 

Governor, as the considerate authority, I am sure that you will make the right decision to stop cutting down young trees, to limit the number of trees being cut down every year and to plant more trees for animals to live in.

Yours sincerely,