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Children's writing: a description - by Ethan


This is a beautiful description, Ethan. Thank you for sharing this with us. Descriptions can be tricky because it is easy to run out of things to say. However, you have done well to elaborate on your ideas here. I can see many, many instances of developed ideas. You have also included the suggestion of a narrative (so, a story) behind what’s going on here (without characters) – this is great. You have thought about what is happening in the water and in the air and your vocabulary choices are super. You have also included many senses (sound - smack; touch - chilly; and lots of sight examples). Also, you have accurately used a colon to give more information – fantastic!

Water House Description - by Ethan

In a concealed corner of the majestic Caspian Sea, lies a house in a rocky island covered in thriving-emerald greenery. Because of this colossal rock, a great assortment of water creatures has a self-sustained underwater world to have fun in and swim around. Most fledglings are nesting there and tadpoles are growing on seaweed.

This house is a home to animals that travel on land. Every morning, the chilly breeze from the north gushes out at the willowy trees whose drooping branches sway from side to side. Animals on this land wear a rainbow-like coat, admiring one another.

The ebullient, joyful fish that swish and smack about in the water live in harmony as nothing there preys on them: the fish in this orderly kingdom are provided by Mother Nature with a plentiful, plant-based food supply.