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Children's writing: a character description - by Ethan


Ethan, what a super character study of this brightly-coloured, yet foul looking creature called Leafy! Your figurative language choices are super and help to paint a vivid picture in your reader's mind (i.e. ... he is a hundred-million year-old sewer...) Delightfully disgusting, Ethan! I hope you enjoyed writing this as much as I enjoyed reading it.


Let's read (if you dare)...


Leafy, the tree monster - by Ethan

The tree monster, Leafy, is all dark and green; its long arms are like branches and its head has some wavy branches hanging from its chin. When you enter a forest and you see something moving suspiciously, it may be Leafy lurking among you. One screech will really spook you out. Its face is all wrinkled up and all its ears and other body parts are mainly flexible branches. One look of it in its eye will make you puke in disgust. Its slime green arms reach out to grab you if you take a second look. Take a huge sniff of its body odour; it will make you faint in horror and disgust. He is a walking toilet full of poo. No! He is a hundred-million-year old sewer which has been storing urine for as long as it exists.