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Children's writing: a balanced argument - by Ethan


In our class, we considered the dilemma of an alien who had come to Earth and fell in love with the idea of plastic, which he did not have on his planet. You wrote a balanced argument to help him make an informed decision. You narrowed your idea down to just introducing water bottles, and discussed the pros and cons using excellent adverbial openers to introduce the ideas (On the other hand, furthermore, However, In conclusion). You even managed to include subtle figurative language to give flair to your writing (i.e. the simile - like a piece of mouldy cheese) Great job, Ethan!


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Should Planet Earth send aliens water in plastic bottles? - by Ethan

Scientists have been wondering about the life of an alien and envy them. However, aliens do not have water on their dry, deserted Planet Mars, so scientists are forming a plan to send bottled water to them. This report will discuss the positives and negatives of doing this.

Many people agree that sending water in plastic bottles will help the aliens wash their insides to keep healthy. Some people argue that aliens should have a couple of hundreds of millilitres of water every day to keep their bodies and brains functioning well (this is the exact same for us humans).

On the other hand, the aliens are disagreeing and saying that the bottled water might make their children choke and they would soon perish. Furthermore, they say that gulping water is disgusting, and they think it is like a piece of mouldy cheese - it would make a burp-sound in your belly! 

In conclusion, the arguments for bottled water are that it will help the aliens to keep healthy. The negatives are that they might not like the taste and the alien children may then choke.

I believe that bottled water should be sent to Mars because it can give aliens a huge chance of longer survival and satisfaction.